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This article will explain some basic guidelines on how to have a great profile as a Sugar Baby on the platform. These guidelines are super simple and common sense stuff so just skim through the article and you'll be fully informed on all aspects in just one to two minutes. We thank you for it! Any Sugar Baby failing to meet the standards we've listed below, will have their account suspended or terminated when violations are repeated. To start off with the most important, Sugar Babies may not include any form of contact information, illegal/legal services, or sexually explicit content in their profile or photos. All account changes requiring edits of text or photos are moderated before they are approved so the quality of our website and the environment stays excellent for all our users.
Profile Username
Keep your name simple, fun, and void of any numbers or symbols. Real names and nick names are preferred since they provide a layer of trust and authenticity but made up names, your favorite TV characters, movie characters, and symbolic names are just as good and can even help your profile get more visitors. One space is allowed between words but no more than twice. No offensive language may be used in the name or elsewhere in your profile.
About Yourself
Write a welcoming about me with lots of information about your personality, hobbies, ideal relationship, travel experiences, and other interests. Sugar Babies receive 10x the messages from Sugar Daddies when taking the time to write about themselves and engage their readers. Any bios that give off even the slightly hint of "escorting" will be deleted on the spot. We strive for a classy and elegant Sugar environment so please keep your profile nice and clean.
At least 4 current photos are recommended for a well rounded profile. Do not include any nudity, implied nudity, illegal or explicit fetishes, blood, money, other people, or anything trashy. Keep it classy or the photo will rejected or deleted in time. All photos must be of the user and include the user's face. Profiles with less than 2 photos and a very short bio will most likely be overshadowed by members that truly invest into their profiles. Only photos that are JPEG, JPG, and PNG formats, clear, decent/above average quality, and a minimum of 480px will be approved.
Date Proposal Activities
Sugar Babies will initially have the default date activities shown in their proposal menu. To update your date proposal activities, check the desired dates in your profile editor and save your changes. Once saved, the default activities will be replaced with your updates and only the selected activities will show in your profile instead. You can toggle on/off any date activities as long as one activity remains active. New and unique date ideas and activities may be added in the future so stay tuned.
Select the city you are in using an address. It's best to use a nearby location as simple as "Los Angeles, California" or "Rome, Italy" but it is not necessary as our system will automatically simplify the address visible to other users on the site. This address will help members find your profile using our filter and search system so it's important to keep it updated when in another city or country.
You status allows you to temporarily hide your profile by selecting the "Hide my profile" option at the bottom of the list. This will completely hide your profile from all lists and searches on the entire site until you choose to return. Users that have had previous conversations with you will still be able to message you during this time. To reactivate your account, simply update your status again.
Interested In
Select your preference for Sugar Daddies, Sugar Mamas, or both. This one requires no further explanation since everyone has preferences.
The headline should be short, sweet, and catchy. Something that will instantly put a smile on someone's face. You can also use it to express your current mood, update friends on a location change, or just say hello. Headlines should be kept to 5 words or less and void of too many emojis and symbols. Of course all the usual moderation terms apply here. No contact information and no sexually explicit content.
Select the languages which you can easily communicate in. We have Sugar Daddies all over the world and speaking their language is an easy way to attract more potential dates and Sugar Daddies throughout the continents. It is not recommended you add a language that you cannot clearly communicate in since some Sugar Daddies might contact you writing in that language.
Dating categories are all about the type of relationship you're seeking. Exclusive relationships, short-term dating, long-term dating, casual dating, marriage, etc.. Add what best fits your current desires for your dating life.
Add the categories that appeal to you most. These categories help you connect with members that have the same interests, dating preferences, and hobbies as you. This is a great way to match with compatible Sugar Daddies seeking mutual dating interests. Interests also help increase your visibility to members actively browsing the site so it's a good idea to include all that interests you here.
Email Notifications
We do not recommend anyone turn off email notifications for messages, date proposals, date reminders, and invites. Email notifications help you message and communicate with other users without missing a beat. You can also start receiving our official and very entertaining newsletter by turning on the newsletter notification in your profile settings.
Enter your preferred payout method to receive the gifts sent to you by our generous and sweet members. Gifts can always be withdrawn as long as the minimum amount is reached and you've successfully added a payout method to withdraw the money into. If for some reason you are unable to use any of the available payout options and have reached the minimum required to withdraw, please contact support so we can discuss your other options and we'll do our best to address your unique situation.
We strive to maintain a classy and clean environment for all our Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies to enjoy whenever using our platform. Please keep that in mind when building and updating your profile. We only ask Sugar Babies keep their photo album and about me in tune with our guidelines and that you have a great time connecting with Sugar Daddies and/or Sugar Mamas. If you have any questions regarding profiles or other matters related to your account, contact us at anytime and we'll be happy to help clear everything up for you.
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